Recent testing by Berkeley Analytical officially concluded that DUCTSEAL, the Aeroseal  sealant used to seal leaky ductwork is compliant for low volatile organic chemical (VOC) emissions. Property owners and building engineers can rely on Aeroseal’s low VOC certification for a safe, sustainable and highly effective duct sealing method for commercial properties.

This testing confirms that Aeroseal duct sealing meets USGBC LEED v4 standards for low VOC coatings and sealants as well as other building standards that recognize the rigorous testing criteria as set by the California Department of Public Health Standard Method v1.2. Additional green building standards include The WELL Building Standard and the ANSI/GBI 01 Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings.

Priority Energy affirms that the Aeroseal sealant has always had low VOC characteristics, but new testing methods and tighter building industry standards led to recent retesting of the Aeroseal formula confirming the lowest concentration range for the presence of formaldehyde and other VOCs.

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