Priority Energy has been busy helping schools, restaurants, stores, and manufacturing facilities improve the health and safety of their indoor air quality.  The heating and cooling systems you already have in place likely can minimize the risk and spread of viruses like COVID-19, in addition to the flu, common colds, and much more.  They do this by adding outside air to the building through mechanical means; the problem is these systems are often not being used and/or have never been setup correctly.  Not to mention, as HVAC systems age, their ability to provide ventilation changes and should be re-evaluated.

A Test and Balance of these systems is recommended every 2 years, but with today’s COVID spread, ascertaining that the correct amount of ventilation and air exchange is occurring has been strongly recommended by ASHRAE, the EPA and others.

Due to the complexity and diversity of building types, sizes, construction styles, and HVAC system components, Priority Energy recommends you contact someone who is not only a certified Test & Balance company, but someone who also understands the underlying components critical to healthy indoor air quality.  HVAC contractors are not necessarily qualified to provide TAB work; and if you have a newly installed heating and cooling system, a Test and Balance report is required in most cities to be done by a certified third party.