This Holmes & Holmes segment on the DIY network’s popular home renovation show, which aired in September 2018, featured the Aeroseal duct sealing technology. Master builder Mike Holmes, his son Mike Holmes Jr. and an HVAC contractor explain the importance of sealing duct leaks to improve home comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Mike and his team recommend Aeroseal as the quickest, most effective method to seal leaky ductwork.

The dramatic results in the featured house show how the air leakage went from 50% to only 3% in just a few hours. Mr. Holmes explains how Aeroseal is much faster, more effective and more durable than traditional mastic.  Home and building owners across the country can watch how easily Aeroseal’s computerized system is set up and activated in this video. 

Award-winning Local Aeroseal Service
Priority Energy recently earned the 2018 Aeroseal Dealer of Excellence award for the third year in a row for outstanding service in the Chicago-land area. Their highly trained technicians have Aeroseal-ed hundreds of ductwork in HVAC systems throughout Illinois and beyond. 

Chicago Duct Sealing Results
Priority Energy's duct seal results average an 89% reduction in air leakage, with many jobs reducing leakage by as much as 97%. Fewer duct leaks means more evenly distributed warm or cool air will reach each room and the air itself will contain less dust and other contaminates. Less air leakage means an HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat and cool a home, lowering utility costs.

Pass the IECC duct leak test-GUARANTEED
Aeroseal is so effective at sealing air leaks we guarantee the system will pass the IECC duct leakage test. Priority Energy’s technicians provide duct sealing and duct testing all in one step, saving builders and HVAC contractors valuable time and money. Aeroseal is an Illinois-approved method to meet IECC requirements.

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