Priority Energy Adds Indoor Air Quality Assessments to their Line of Home Comfort and Energy Efficiency Services to Create Healthier Homes
EPA studies now confirm that poor indoor air quality is contributing to the rapid increase in upper respiratory illnesses. To address this, Priority Energy will add indoor air quality assessments to their line of energy efficiency and home comfort services.
Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 28, 2015 -- Upper respiratory illnesses continue to rise and studies now confirm
that poor indoor air quality is a contributing factor. To address this, Priority Energy'snew air quality
assessments will measure contaminant levels and provide solutions to create healthier indoor environments for
homes and businesses.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, 25 million Americans, especially the elderly and
children, suffer from asthma and new studies show that poor indoor air quality is exacerbating these upper
respiratory illnesses. While updated building codes and ASHRAE, the national standards for construction and
ventilation systems, have implemented stricter requirements, more public awareness is needed.
Most of us are aware of the dangers of contaminants in our water, but never consider the air we breathe. Leaky
duct work, damp basements, and insufficient exhaust systems can create conditions in which air indoors
becomes harmful. Duct work can carry air from damp, moldy basements or attics into other parts of the home.
Unvented appliances, furnaces, water heaters, gas fireplaces and even candles, can affect air quality.
Priority Energy is Chicagoland's leading authority on energy efficiency and home comfort solutions. "Another
important side to this is that the problems which cause contaminated indoor air will also lead to damage to the
building. Our service will educate home owners, builders and architects so we can all live in safer, healthier,
longer-lasting homes,” says company owner, Robert Schildgen, "Early detection or prevention is the key."
Most energy efficiency measures will actually fix a combination of problems. Sealing duct leaks, upgrading
insulation, adding ventilation, and damp-proofing basements will prevent structural deterioration and make a
big difference in a home's health and comfort level.
About Priority Energy, LLC
Founded in 2009, Priority Energy is the Chicago-area’s energy efficiency resource for builders, architects,
contractors, code officials and homeowners. They are a top-rated RESNET and BPI training center with a stateof-
the-art laboratory. Seminars and continuing education classes are also offered for Energy Auditors, Raters,
Architects and Home Inspectors. Priority Energy is committed to providing the most up-to-date energy
efficiency and indoor air quality solutions available, such as Aeroseal and Lifebreath.