This Chicago school earns an A+ for the extensive indoor air quality safety measures they’ve implemented to keep students and teachers healthy and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the building.  The superintendent brought in Priority Energy to evaluate the school’s HVAC equipment, air flow, ventilation and filtration system.

Priority Energy’s team identified ways to tune, balance and tweak the school’s existing equipment and system.  After performing the diagnostic tests, technicians helped to implement indoor air quality improvements, such as dedicated outdoor air ventilation, upgraded filtration, ionizers, advanced MERV filters and an air sanitizing system. Many of these improvements were low cost or no cost upgrades that most building managers can implement once they know where to begin.  

In addition to a healthier and safer indoor environment, the building will be more comfortable while using less energy. Priority Energy appreciated the opportunity to work with the school’s conscientious leaders to better protect their students and dedicated staff.