Priority Energy's recent projects, research and related building performance information.

A young couple bought their first home last year, in Barrington, IL. The partially renovated house, built in 1967, had space for their new baby and all his gear plus plenty of room for future needs.

A recent commercial energy audit on a new-er medical office building revealed startling results. After a thorough building analysis and a benchmark study, Priority Energy discovered the building was using over 50% more electricity than comparable properties and had monthly operating costs that... Read More

Over the past few weeks weeks it has been troubling to see (and hear) neighbors chipping away at ice dams on their roofs.

Homeowners interested in lowering their home cooling costs this summer should follow the DOE’s energy saving advice to fix and... Read More

The Department of Energy (DOE) chose a Chicago home when it began studying the correlation between duct leakage and a home’s heating and cooling efficiency.

Priority Energy recently flew to New York City to identify the cause(s) of buckling hardwood floors. A newly renovated 5 story office building in SoHo had 25,000 sq. ft. of newly installed hardwood flooring that had expanded across the width and risen at the edges of each plank. (See photo below).... Read More

Do you ever wake up feeling tired and groggy even after getting a more than adequate night of sleep?  There are a number of causes for poor quality of sleep, but before you spend money on a new mattress, first consider the quality of the air in your bedroom.

When we recently visited a Belleville IL home we found a family who has been busy trying to do all the right things to reduce their total energy consumption to save some money while doing their part. What they didn't realize was their largest opportunity for savings was right in their own home!... Read More