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LOMBARD Blower Door Test Results Average 3.8 ACH50 - exceeding Illinois requirements by nearly 25%!

The Lombard building department and area builders have been following the 2015 IECC code with Illinois amendments since January 2016.  For the most part builders have had little issues meeting the required air tightness limit of 5 ACH50.  For a full overview of the Illinois requirements, click here.

Priority Energy has been blower door testing homes and working with builders in Lombard for years.  Many of the areas builders work with Priority Energy to help exceed the state wide energy code, not for bragging rights, but to help builders lower their call backs and warranty claims.  Homes that come in below 3 ACH50 have far fewer problems then those that come in between 4-5 ACH50.

A few builders are going above and beyond, like United Home Builders, who achieved a 1.92 ACH50 through their work with Priority Energy!  Quite an accomplishment, and far exceeding other builders in the area.

  • Thank you again and you will be the first person I call if I need additional part or service from your company.
  • I just wanted to send this message to all you and say GREAT JOB!  We had a rough inspection today and passed for the Woodward Ave. house. The inspector told us "if every house I inspected looked like this one I would be out a job".

    Anonymous Builder
  • We were so impressed with the amount of information the Priority Energy technicians gave us during our ENERGY AUDIT.  If you are buying a house, I would strongly recommend having them do an energy audit on it, in addition to your usual home inspection.

  • Thanks for a super intelligent and deep seminar expertly handled by a staff which was a pleasure to be around. Lunch was superbly and subtly handled.

    A.S. Architect
  • I wanted to thank you for all of your extra time and energy during our BPI training over the last few weeks. You really helped put things in perspective. You are an awesome crew and your facility is a valuable resource for students and the community

    BPI Student, L.E.
  • There is much less dust in the house and the monthly gas and electric charges have been reduced by 10 to 15%.....I'm sure I will see greater savings over a twelve month period......thanks again.

    Aeroseal Client, R.N.

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