National news outlets recently reported that the EPA's Energy Star program recommended "new drastic temperature settings" for home thermostats. We searched the internet and could not find a credible source for this information and so turned to Energy Star directly, for more information. Just as we thought, Energy Star confirmed they DID NOT release a report with any such recommendations.  

Here is the Energy Star Department's response to our inquiry:

Contrary to recent news, ENERGY STAR is not recommending that thermostats be set to 78 degrees F or any other specific temperature during the cooling season. The ENERGY STAR program has not released a report making such a recommendation. 

As the ENERGY STAR Programmable Thermostats webpage states “The key is to establish a program that automatically reduces heating and cooling in your home when you don't need as much. In order to save energy, consider a temperature set-up of 7 degrees in summer and a setback of 8 degrees in winter when your home is unoccupied for long periods of time and a 4 degree adjustment when occupants are asleep.” 

For more information, the website also provides Rules of Thumb for Proper Use that provides additional context and guidance for usage.

This is a good lesson for all of us. "Believe only 50% of what you see and none of what you hear and read", as our grandparents used to say, Go to the source and check the context.

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