Marketing Manager & Training Coordinator

Since 2010, Barb has been helping Rob handle the behind-the-scenes tasks of running Priority Energy. 

Today, as the Marketing Manager, Barb creates Priority Energy’s brand awareness initiatives. Educating builders, building owners and home owners on the need for healthier homes is her priority. Crafting relatable messages about building performance, HVAC design, Aeroseal, and energy codes in terms anyone can understand, is her goal. She manages the company’s social media, website content, marketing and special events.

She is also the BPI and RESNET Training Coordinator. Barb helps each of our students through their certification process; providing support and guidance through their training and beyond. She is also the go-to person for the members of Priority Energy’s HERS Rater Providership.

Barb spent her prior years as the assistant to the president of a CEO-member advisory group and on the side, renovated an historic 1890’s house and raised a family. She is married to a self-professed energy efficiency geek and certified HERS Rater so she knew a bit about what she was getting herself into. This unique background combined with a Communication degree brought Barb into the “PE” family.

A New Englander at heart, Barb spent many years in New York City, Denver, and Toronto, but prefers tall trees over tall buildings most of the time. She has lived in 8 different states and has moved nearly 20 times, with her longest stop-over being in Connecticut and Illinois.  Rehabbing her 4th old house, she moanfully calls restoration her hobby and her nemesis. You can also find her by the lake, in the yard, at a design center or someplace cozy with her family and pets.