Founder and CEO

Robert (Rob) Schildgen the owner and founder of Priority Energy.  Both an advocate for homeowners and a strategist for builders, Rob is dedicated to improving building performance through a combination of education, building science, better construction practices and innovative product development.

Mr. Schildgen was one of the first certified RESNET HERS Raters and BPI energy auditors in the Chicago area and one of the first training providers in Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, and Indiana. He has also trained code inspectors, builders and architects on the IECC 2012 and IECC 2015 code compliance changes and acceptable methods to meet the strict requirements.  (List the schools, MEEA, workforce development…)

A mechanical and envelope design specialist, Rob has been diagnosing and designing accurate HVAC systems long before the Manual J requirements went into effect. “What people don’t realize is that energy efficient design, when done right, has a big impact on overall home health and indoor air quality”, says Rob repeatedly. Working in construction since he was a boy, Rob has seen thousands of poorly designed and constructed homes that have developed serious indoor health and safety issues that he wants to help others avoid.

An innovative modernist and technology enthusiast, Rob is regularly researching and testing products that will improve the health and performance of our homes and buildings. From advanced testing equipment to cutting edge ventilation products, Priority Energy’s lab is always in use.

With a combined background of home building, property management & management consulting Robert brings a unique set of skills to the building community which has helped our customers grow larger and more profitable businesses as builders, developers, contractors and architects.  Rob obtained his MBA at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at Bradley University.