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Priority Energy is an Accredited RESNET Rating Provider        

What is a Rating Provider?

A Rating Provider is a Home Energy Rater’s (HERS) software provider, RESNET liaison, and quality assurance partner. Certified HERS Raters must join a Rating Providership to obtain the software license (we support REMRate and Ekotrope) they will need to measure energy use and calculate a HERS Index.  The Rating Provider is responsible for submitting its members’ HERS and Energy Star - rated home information to RESNET and the EPA.  Rating Providers must also monitor the quality, accuracy and consistency of energy ratings and uphold the policies of the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).

How do I Select a Rating Provider?

HERS Raters will want to select a Rating Provider with whom they can form a long term working relationship. The Provider should be responsive and able to answer questions and register submitted ratings on a timely basis.  It is important to work with a Provider who is ethical, and has a good relationship with RESNET. Strong communication, support and mutual respect are keys to a Provider relationship that will help grow your business.

Why choose Priority Energy?

We understand your business.  You’ve spent months, even years, forming a relationship with your builder clients.  Your builders depend on you to deliver accurate and timely home performance certificates, code compliance, and tax rebate documents for their new construction projects.

Raters can count on Priority Energy’s experienced and professional team to respond quickly to their needs. Did you recently complete your RESNET exams? Congratulations! Our Rater trainers can help you complete your required probationary ratings. Experienced Raters can rely on us to get their Energy Star, Indoor AirPlus, Zero Energy Ready Homes and LEED projects properly submitted for official recognition.  Whether you are a high-volume rater or perform only a few ratings per year, Priority Energy’s Providership is here to help you succeed.

Priority Energy welcomes New Members

Our price structure is straight forward and manageable for both small and large Raters. The Providership includes HERS Raters from Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, and Nebraska and is currently the only RESNET Rating Provider in the state of IL. We are proud of our members and help to promote their businesses whenever we can!

Membership includes:

  • Training and mentoring on RESNET requirements (when needed)
  • Timely response to software and rating questions
  • Variety of classes for continuing education (CE) and professional development (PD)
  • Annual Providership meeting
  • Quarterly Providership and RESNET news
  • Record keeping of certification status, ie. Renewal date,  and QA checks
  • Annual RESNET Conference Get-Together

Interested in becoming a certified HERS Rater? Priority Energy is also a RESNET Accredited Rater Training Provider. Our trainers are top-notch and can help get your GREEN career started! 

  • Thank you again and you will be the first person I call if I need additional part or service from your company.
  • I just wanted to send this message to all you and say GREAT JOB!  We had a rough inspection today and passed for the Woodward Ave. house. The inspector told us "if every house I inspected looked like this one I would be out a job".

    Anonymous Builder
  • We were so impressed with the amount of information the Priority Energy technicians gave us during our ENERGY AUDIT.  If you are buying a house, I would strongly recommend having them do an energy audit on it, in addition to your usual home inspection.

  • Thanks for a super intelligent and deep seminar expertly handled by a staff which was a pleasure to be around. Lunch was superbly and subtly handled.

    A.S. Architect
  • I wanted to thank you for all of your extra time and energy during our BPI training over the last few weeks. You really helped put things in perspective. You are an awesome crew and your facility is a valuable resource for students and the community

    BPI Student, L.E.
  • There is much less dust in the house and the monthly gas and electric charges have been reduced by 10 to 15%.....I'm sure I will see greater savings over a twelve month period......thanks again.

    Aeroseal Client, R.N.
  • Just completed my BPI Field exam for my Quality Control Inspector (QCI) certification renewal at Priority Energy.
    Such a convenient and well-set-up training and test center with caring and knowledgeable staff and proctors! Thanks folks!


    P.R., Ottawa, IL
  • It's been cold here for the past few days and I really feel the difference in heating since the building was Aerosealed! My apartment is so much warmer now. Thank you Priority Energy!


    Miruna; Tenant at Country Manor Apartments, Peru, IL
  • Anytime I can be a reference for all the great work on my (new) house, please let me know.  Priority Energy is outstanding at what they do!

    Executive at Medline Industries, IL
  • I have a two story home built in the mid seventies. Lots of temperature fluctuation between the floors. The Aeroseal process dramatically increased the air flow to the second floor. Good experience. The company was very informative, answered a lot of questions.

    Vince from Oakbrook, IL
  • "It's been cold here for the past few days and I really feel the difference in heating since the Aeroseal, my apartment is so much warmer now. Thank you!"  

    MP from Peru, IL
  • Thank You so much for the super-fast turn around of our Manual J, D and S reprt for the Village of Glen Ellyn. Our original Manual J kept getting kicked back to us for corrections but your calculations/report got approved instantly-no questions asked and no more permit delays!

    Kim, Glen Ellyn, IL
  • Thank you. Truly. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify things for me and then going above and beyond to ensure that my CEUs are handled for our current RESNET cycle. You’ve always been kind to me and this is another shining example of that.

    Craig, HERS Rater, Batavia, IL
  • (Aeroseal) is a GREAT Product! Really made our townhouse more comfortable!

    Gordon; Chicago, IL
  • We are having less ice on roof since the Aeroseal duct sealing! Thanks!

    Bill; Downers Grove, IL
  • Duct sealing (with Aeroseal) was the smartest thing I ever did! Our home is sooooo much more comfortable! We were so very pleased with Priority Energy and their technicians!

    Richard; Lake Forest, IL
  • On to the Radon issue - Excellent results with Aeroseal!  From 5 + to a .4.  Before sealing like we discussed, I had warm air coming out of the sump basket with the furnace running. Even with the furnace running, it is still pulling air in now.

    Bill; Belvidere, IL
  • Pat was awesome and super helpful! We are experiencing weak air flow in the duct system of our 1950''s home and Pat gave us great recommendations to fix the problem when we do our remodel.

    David; Arlington Heights, IL

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